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The Heroic Antichrist
An excerpt from "The Effectiveness of Antichrist as Ultimate Christian Enemy"
by Tracy Derynck

Manson, by declaring himself Antichrist, goes directly against the original Christian conception of Antichrist as deceptive, but in other matters he demonstrates greater knowledgeability than many other pop culture sources of Antichrist. Particularly, Manson returns to the tradition of Antichrist as false teacher, since he portrays Christianity as an oppressive system and promotes the questioning of religious and other morality and ideology-based institutions.

Furthermore, one could argue that by virtue of Manson's stance on freedom of speech in response to the banning of his concerts, the shock rocker has maneuvered himself into being a Christ-figure, his salvation-related message of self-reliance rejected by modern-day Pharisees.

Additionally, one notices that Manson's appearance, as a grotesque gothic monster with very obviously mismatched eyes, is not unlike some of the traditional accounts of Antichrist's physiognomy, whether Manson in fact intended this resemblance or not. (Note for clarification: among traditional descriptions of Antichrist, one can find at least one reference to him as being tall and skinny, to his having a long face, to his hair being long and black, etc. However, a great number of traditional descriptions of Antichrist describe Antichrist's two eyes differently, ie. as being unmatched.)

Manson may use the symbol of Antichrist in an unusual way by promoting himself as the ultimate human evil. However, one finds that in spite of this, the symbol of Antichrist still manifests its force of polarity, and powerfully so. That is, Manson's intent in proclaiming himself Antichrist is to set himself against oppressive Christian conformity and the misery that results from it--in short, against evil. Thus, Manson is making a clear statement about where evil lies and the need to resist it, no less than we see in any Christian adoption of Antichrist imagery. By making himself into a heroic Antichrist, Manson implies that the "real" Antichrist is found in "the so-called servants of God... with their hypocritical and hostile behavior... their disgusting similarities to Nazi Germany", a claim that many Christians of past ages could be visualized agreeing with.