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Ask And Ye Shall Deceive

Released on: Parasite Priestess (2003) and Ask And Ye Shall Deceive (single) (2001)


Such magic webs we weave
In such tragic webs we lie
Ask and ye shall deceive
From your chamber comes a sigh
What more can I believe
when the blowing snow obscures
Ask and ye shall deceive
And now there is no cure

This trap I cannot leave
I cannot be sent away
Ask and ye shall deceive
The predawn light is so gray
What more can I receive
when all of you is within
Ask and ye shall deceive
And nothing lives but sin

I believed that you would be my angel cold and black
Now I see that he was only waiting to take me back

Always looking up above for what can only be found inside
My savior betrays me again, again Iím cast aside
Always seeking forever what can only be had for awhile
I am left for dead again, again the rapist smiles
From your chamber she will leave
And walk out into the sun
Ask and ye shall deceive
Still I kneel before your gun
How many more will you receive
I reject the words you say
Ask and ye shall deceive
And still I will obey

All my life with no reprieve
I never could discern
Canít tell those things that soothe and breathe
From those that only burn
Never did I once believe
that I wore the addictís face
Ask and ye shall deceive:
My angel, my disgrace
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