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Released on: Parasite Priestess (2003)


Afterward, I feel I owe you an apology
A weak remedy for my blighted words
There should be no questions of ownership here
Isnít this supposed to be heaven?
Only the demon would hold me on a leash
But itís never as easy as that

Things have fallen into disarray here
Your abode and my mind,
Both have become adorned with decay
Together we try to walk forward
But our blighted limbs always crawl, back the way we came

I gaze sadly at the shattered vessel between us
What is white seems tarnished
And what is black shines beckoningly
Like untouched snow
But the snow has been touched,
That is what you chant to me in your sleep:
How could I presume to understand
When I have lain safe inside the earth
While you must struggle with lights that may blind you?
I have always walked alone, dreaming of what inward devils may come
While you are assaulted by the murderous imps of reality
Screaming at you like crazed fans;
They adore their superstar even as they shred his clothes
And blight his skin
What do I know of these things,
I who have yet to be taken under an angelís wing?

I regret that the cutting of flesh with flesh is only figurative
Now I cannot bear to meet your taboo gaze
Nor the mantid stare of she who, praying, preys
I have become withered,
Weaker even than I thought you to be
Bleeding to death slowly, perhaps
Crippled hands no longer greedy
Shallow as an ancient shell,
I become small and transparent
I seethe with silence
I almost disappear

But please, please donít send me away
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