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Total Blindness

Released on: Parasite Priestess (2003) and Ask And Ye Shall Deceive (single) (2001)


I think Iím going blind
Collapsing down into the labyrinth-depths of your drug
I feel ahead in terror of what I may find
Corpses lie in the dust
Crowned with dead flowers
And when the wind blows
The bones begin to rattle a song that will destroy us both

I think Iím going blind
Locked inside my cell of flesh
Smothering in pallid webs
How willingly I let myself be entangled
I am the one who is weak:
I see now how little I understood
How little of you there is to go around
And how little of me there is to take you in
I see you lying here
Contaminated in a way I canít explain
Broken feathers float down upon my skin
Shatter me
Like the fragile cocaine invention I am

I think Iím going blind
I feel my way to the center
Steps slow with sickness
But worms ate the core long before I arrived
This is an airless place, without sun
The foul tendrils spawned here
Will uproot your every pillar
And strangle my desires in the womb

What did I expect to find?
Hope, a chance to escape my fate?
A tomb
The demon is stalking patiently behind
Heedless now of the pentacle I drew in my mind
The fallen angel laughs at me

I think Iím going blind
The door has disappeared behind me
And now I canít find my way out
A trip gone unspeakably bad
A trick that I can no longer play
I cry for help
But you are just as helpless as I am

And the demon reaches out his hand
It does no good to beg for mercy
When soulless things have caught your scent

I think Iím going blind
Run in feverís slow motion
Lungs full of glass as I come up for air
But there is nothing to breathe but dust
Total Need has incinerated everything
My very soul is blacking-out
I cannot follow the words you say
Every curve is a nightmare
And every spiral undoes a dream

I think Iím going blind
But then, thereís nothing left to see
The constellation of addiction enslaves us all
And its evil stars are all we can find

I think Iím going blind
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