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Embraced by the Fallen One

Released on: Parasite Priestess (2003)


This song was originally titled "Fallen Angel," but I changed it when I noticed that every second gothic, industrial and black metal band has a song of that title. :)


In defeat I lie with you
Slave to slavery
Now I hear the evil one,
Whispering my name
A footstep on the threshold
The lock falls into place
Petrified by sorrows
I only lie in wait

Black-winged fallen angel
I know you’re here for me
On my throat the razor
But I will not resist
Shattered like an icon
I feel him turn my head
He kneels down beside me
And whispers in my ear:

"I am your messiah when you are alone
I am your redemption when your will is gone
I am your salvation when your eyes are shut
I am your defiler, kissing as I cut."

His fingers are so gentle
As he inflicts his curse
Inside me he is twisting
The entry wound complete
Lying underneath him
As blood and venom mix
My heart unravels slowly
And turns upon itself

Constriction of my breathing
My heart can barely beat
The doors of skin torn open:
Inside is only meat
A crimson tide is ebbing
And all shall fade away
For as you lie there sleeping
The ravisher will slay

"I am your messiah when you’re on your knees
I am your redemption; all you have is me
I am your salvation, when your heart is numb
I am your defiler; your only chosen one."
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