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The Maggots

Released on: Parasite Priestess (2003)


Sharing needles to inject loveís hate
Paradise has been deformed
A contagion lives in each of us
Soon a triage to perform
For I see now how Iíve sold myself
Wearing garments of a saint
Secret places have been vandalized
With this indelible taint

My remission will come at the granting of your/her grace
But infection returns when his wings cover my face

Cut me open now and look inside
Charred and poisoned through and through
Every broken heart pumps cyanide
But the maggots may surprise you

Maimed and rambling I try to scream
Monsters rising in my wake
They were brought into this world by me
Prostituted for his sake
All the angels cast away their wings
Your mortality revealed
And I watch the mantis shed her skin
Underneath was someone real

I once dreamed that she was choking me
But the fingers were my own
Loveís survivors huddle close for warmth
Crippled priestess walks alone
One dark angel still remains with me
Madness guilded with disdain
Now his parasites are all I have
Vermin breeding in my veins
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