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A Pill-White Day

Released on: Parasite Priestess (2003)


I値l try to reach your high
Take the mindway to the sky
Learn how hard it is to fly
I値l taste your every pain
High on your divine cocaine
Comprehend the beast insane

I will bring you sacrifice: a mind to flay
I will take your sacrament: a pill-white day

At dusk
I値l taste your sweet inside
Take the stage, a midnight ride
See just what the strobelights hide
At dusk
I値l try to wear your skin
Bear the madness of your grin
Salve the wound with heroin

I値l try your manacles
Hunting like a cannibal
Swallow so mechanical
I値l taste your bloody wine
Swallow down this holy sign
Your addiction shall be mine

I will show humility: a lack of light
Total Need will close my eyes: a pill-black night
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