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Queen of the Worms

Released on: Ask And Ye Shall Deceive (single) (2001)


I wrote this song during the worst week of my life to date. For that reason (i.e. my skewed judgment at the time), I am very surprised that I ended up with anything that would later be usable. I had Pink Floyd's "The Wall" in mind when I thought up the title, as I think the narrator's transformation in this case is somewhat similar (i.e. from an emotional fascist to a quivering wreck).


Shackled now within this cage I see my hope is gone
Army of the walking wounded anxiously looks on
"Behold," says the master, "now you shall see the whore
For feigning lack of feeling she shall suffer evermore."
Naked as a ravished bride upon this judgment day
I search the crowd and find your face but you just look away
You and all your comrades who are standing like the dead
Yet I can see the fatal sign still scarred upon your head

I cannot understand just how my crime is worse than hers
But in this land a lack of reason always is the curse
Immobilized I watch him as his blade disrupts my skin
Torturer so pitiless, he pumps his vermin in
"How the queen is fallen by her own unbending rules.
Crippled and undone like all of those she once called fools.
Revile her!" says the master; now I feel his worms infest
And all is dark as I am cast to that which I detest

I feel you try to lift me but I tumble at your feet
I lack the strength to walk with those who I once mocked as weak
Now I am but an effigy for arrogance and lust
And as this army starts to march I stumble in the dust
Yet still you soldiers help me up as if I am your own
My wicked heart is blighted by the kindness I am shown
So strange that you donít hate me for my cold and bitter lie
But that is why the wounded live while I can only die

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