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My Stalking Destiny

Released on: Parasite Priestess (2003)


"My Stalking Destiny" replaced an earlier song, "The Warestone," which outlined a fairly similar series of events. "The Warestone" was dancier and had more obscure lyrics, and I rewrote it at least eight times before deciding to start over, at which point I came up with this, a much darker-sounding and more direct version of the same narrative episode. The samples ("Lo and behold..." and "He who is slow to believe anything and everything...") are taken from a reading of the Satanic Bible.


I ascend upon the lightning
To a plane of holy bliss
The perfection of your kiss
I settle down in heaven
My calling now fulfilled
A cage of golden gild

I shall imagine that my quest is complete
And tell myself that I perceive no deceit

A priestess and her angel, wrists bound with skeins of faith
You tell me "We're in paradise, and here you  will be safe."
How I wish I could believe you - how I wish that it were so
But the gloom of heaven's alleys hides a stalker whom I know

The demon will not leave me
Persistent enemy
My stalking destiny
His whisper is a warning:
Betrayal and intrigue
My blindness under siege

Yet still I go about my holy routine
And never think to ask my angel where he's been

A sound within your sanctum
No answer when I call
Her shadow on the wall
Entangled in her gambit
The mantis' sweet embrace
Revealing my disgrace

For now I know that I was blind not to see:
Although  I chose my angel he did not choose me

How I wish I could believe you, but I know my destiny:
From the gloom of heaven's alleys the seducer beckons me.
In the gloom of heaven's alleys my defiler waits for me.
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