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A Star Far Distant

Released on: Parasite Priestess (2003)


"A Star Far Distant" is one of the only borderline-positive songs I've written to date. It refers obliquely to "Sublime Awakening," a poem I wrote several years ago, about having finally found the sort of person I was looking for. "Our feral angels demand we trespass, for the manifest themselves only on forbidden grounds." - Hakim Bey.


The first time I saw you I didnít know what to think
Could there really be something different about this one?
Your wings are not as white as the rest of theirs
Instead, orchid feathers recall obscene flowers
They are uneasy around you, 
For your stars are far distant from theirs
You with your flowing raven hair,
Hardened mask of face
Who is this stranger?
This vagabond guardian of the feral places?
Must I trespass on dangerous ground
If I wish to trace the outline of your wings?

Your eyes provide me a sign,
The sign which is taboo to speak of
My savior, is it really you?
Now it is I who have wings
Haloed by crimson tides of flame
This is one of the darker corners of paradise
Where you and I secretly entangle our gazes
What else may become tangled between us?
I see you as a dark opal
A distant star that cannot grind me down
Could this be my sublime awakening
Where I realize there is room in heaven for me afterall?

Your words are prophecy to me
I will follow where you ask me to
Lightyears long is the path to your abode
Perhaps paradise is wider than I believed
One day we shall meet there, upon that furthest star
Until then I shall carry the burden of mystery
It is a ware stone, ever heavier with each step
And as I walk, the demon inside will watch me
Ready to escape through my mindís eye with my first tear
But I will prevail
That you might peer beneath my veil
And that I may come to comprehend
The holy complexity of your actions
To read the too-subtle movements of your hands
And to discover what it is that you keep locked
Inside your opaque cage of heart
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