"Angels of Disruption" is my novel in progress. I have been working on this novel since about 2001 under this title, but fragments of it (e.g. certain characters) have existed in my creative work as early as 1994. Further title changes are a possibility in the future, but "Angels of Disruption" is the title that has had the greatest longevity so far.

The novel's genre is predominantly dark fantasy, with some elements of gothic horror. The setting is Rhadixe, a world as technologically advanced and socially complex as our world, inhabited by four distinct cultural groups: the pious Celesti, the humanistic Solari, the mystical Lunae and the decadent Tenebrae. Rhadixe is also inhabited by a variety of magical creatures, many of whom side with one of two major factions: the angels, servants of the God Enuzir, and the daemons, his sworn enemies.

Enuzir's goal is to cleanse Rhadixe of evil through an apocalyptic Purification. However, this undertaking, if successful, will destroy all life on Rhadixe - an outcome that the daemons are desperate to prevent. The story concerns the intertwined lives of eight main characters, diverse in their ethos and convictions, who live in the endtimes of their world. While some struggle against the odds to disrupt Enuzir's plans, others are ushering in the apocalypse with their actions - whether they know it or not.

The question of when I will finish the novel in its entirety remains open at this point. Nonetheless, I have a fairly complete idea of what the plot entails, how the world works and what the characters are like. The purpose of this site is to provide what information I have to the curious people who ask me what my novel is about.

This site is organized as follows:

Contains biographies of the eight narrating characters of the story. Also some information on other characters who play major roles in the plot.
Details on the setting, including the human cultures of Rhadixe, nonhuman and superhuman entities, history, etc.
A spoiler-free sketch of the story's major timeline.
Bits and pieces that I've written. I'm not sure to what extent these will end up being in the final version, but they are examples of my writing that I'm fairly happy with.
Discusses questions about the novel, subcultural references within the story, and other miscellaneous background matters.
Details on the magico-religious elements that I've developed for this novel, and then gone on to use in my own occult practice.


Dec 31, 2012
Updates to pretty much every page on this site, but most significantly sections on the world and its metaphysics, and the Tenebrae religion.

Sep 4, 2012
Finally posted the opening chapter.

Aug 18, 2012
Changes to details regarding Leith, Poisin, and angels.


"Angels of Disruption" is a work of ficiton. All resemblances to real people, places, events, religions, etc. are strictly coincidental.

At the current time, some chapter titles contain allusions to song titles/lyrics. Sources are given on the this page. If anyone is aware of legal issues with this, feel free to contact me.

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