Most Recent Event
Chimera: Special Edition
Guest: DJ Metalmaester

Date: Fri Dec 27/19
Time: 9 PM
Venue: Dickens (1000 - 9th & 9th SW, Calgary)

Door policy: $5 cover

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About Us

Angels of Disruption has been putting on industrial-gothic events since 2006. We are always interested in discovering new venues in Calgary who may be interested in hosting our events, so feel free get in touch (@jinx_disruption on Instagram or thiyavat at gmail) if there are any opportunities you'd like to bring to our attention.

Our primary event is Chimera, a dance-oriented goth-industrial event that enjoyed a seven-year stint as a monthly event before transitioning away from a fixed schedule. Chimera's venues over the years have included Soda, Quincy's, Sal's, Good Luck, Nite Owl and Dickens Pub. Predominant subgenres played at Chimera include darkwave, synthpop, EBM, aggrotech, industrial rock, gothic rock, and medieval / folk metal.

A secondary event we have put on in the past is Hydra, whose key distinguishing feature was having a potluck of multiple goth/industrial DJs rather than only a single DJ. We are not currently running this event, but are exploring the possibility of its future being taken over by some of the past parties most heavily involved with it. Past info about Hydra remains on this website primarily to provide an archive of past events' playlists.

Two other events that we have experimented with as one-offs in the past include Pandemonium and Discordia. Were either of these events to return, Pandemonium would serve as an "everything heavy" sort of event, with the balance of specific harder-industrial and metal genres being adaptable to changing audiences, while Discordia would serve as a retro event distinguished from its potential competitors by having a more rock/metal -oriented focus rather than a new wave/synthpop -oriented focus. However, neither of these events is running at the current time.

For further information about our events, please consult our FAQ or contact DJ Jinx (info above).