A play in 3 acts

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  • Sindi Proustin - a reserved outcast
  • Adam Thorez - a mopey dark romantic
  • Karla De Steng - drama queen of the midnight scene
  • Cai Melichev - ex-acidhead and industrial-strength playboy
  • Gelal - a fallen angel
  • Xastur - Gelal's sinister superior
  • Minor Characters:
    • Artsy Goth - poet, painter and slow learner
    • Fetish Girl - walking, talking fashion accessory
    • Metal Girl - full-time banger and part-time alcoholic
    • Gothboy - a casual observer of social disasters
    • Catty Goth - she-wolf of the Gothstapo

Act I: The Divinity of Loneliness
  1. Another night at the club
  2. The experiment begins
  3. The tryst
  4. The cat-fight
  5. Betrayal and rescue

Act II: The Purity of Evil
  1. Ominous warnings
  2. Recovery
  3. Friendly concern
  4. Everyone gets a turn

Act III: The Paradise of Pain
  1. The tangled web
  2. The web unravels
  3. Malice unmasked
  4. Suffer the flesh
  5. Far too frail

This is a work of fiction. No part of this play is intended to portray real/actual events.
Any and all resemblance between the contents of this play and real/actual persons,
names, situations, conversations, locations, etc. is strictly coincidental.
© 2003

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