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Parasite Priestess
Released: 2003, independent

A concept album that tells the story of a priestess torn as to whom she should love/worship: an angel flawed with very human weaknesses, or a demon whose perfect malice will destroy her. My play, An Experiment in Malice, presents a similar story.


  1. Priestess 1: Omens
  2. Prayers
  3. Thrice Blessed
  4. A Star Far Distant
  5. My Stalking Destiny
  6. The Parasitic Need
  7. Blighted
  8. A Pill-White Day
  9. Total Blindness
  10. Ask And Ye Shall Deceive
  11. Embraced by the Fallen One
  12. Priestess 2: Desecration
  13. The Maggots
Ask and Ye Shall Deceive (Single)
Released: 2001 from

My first release. Unfortunately, I no longer have the source files for the remixes and the b-side here, hence their not being available on bandcamp. They are still available via the rotation of mp3s on this website, however.


  1. The Parasitic Need
  2. Ask And Ye Shall Deceive (Dreamless)
  3. Total Blindness
  4. Ask And Ye Shall Deceive
  5. Queen of the Worms
  6. Ask And Ye Shall Deceive (Epiphany)
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