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About Mourning After Pill
Mourning After Pill is a musical project started by DJ Jinx in 2000. The name reflects recurring themes in my music, particularly the complications, regrets and anxieties of relationships (morning after pill) and the disturbing possibilities of addiction, obsession and delusion (mourning in response to one's need for a pill).

Originally I wanted to be in a gothic band, but I found that industrial-ambient is a more workable genre for someone who trusts their computer more than the vast majority of potential band members. All sequencing, wave editing, recording, mixing, etc. is done by me, on my PC, in my home office.

When I began "Parasite Priestess", I was temporarily living in Ottawa, but my long-term residence is in Calgary.
Equipment and Software
All Mourning After Pill songs to date have been made using the following:
  • A custom-built PC running Windows 98
  • Emu-APS sound card
  • Zoom 501 II Guitar Pedal (for vocal effects)
  • Fruity Loops 4.1 (later versions known as FL Studio)
  • Native Instruments Pro-53 VST instrument
  • Steinberg Wavelab 4.0
  • Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 2.0a